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  • author ( 71, woman | Greensboro, NC, USA )

    Would be nice to meet for lunch at an outdoor cafe over lunch and then a casual walk ...

  • author ( 70, man | Fort Wayne, IN, USA )

    Coffee & conversation; get acquainted so we can decide if we'll pursue this, drop it or just be buddies.

  • author ( 74, woman | Panama City Beach, FL, USA )

    I love brunch..or breakfast..served a casual breakfast with coffee would be an easy way to meet and greet

  • author ( 70, man | Memphis, TN, USA )

    First date i would like to meet for maybe dinner or somewhere we can talk and know each other .

  • author ( 70, woman | Columbia, SC, USA )

    My idea for a first date is for coffee or lunch in a setting we are comfortable being at. Definitely in a public setting for safety reasons. I would also like my date to make suggestions always like to get my dates views...  see more >>

  • author ( 70, woman | Longview, TX, USA )

    Going someplace that we both have never been before. Exploring the surroundings and sharing our ideas about the place.

  • author ( 74, woman | Greenville, SC, USA )

    Just a cup of coffee,glass of tea, or glass of wine to meet,see if there is mutual interest, and take it from there!

  • author ( 71, woman | San Antonio, TX, USA )

    My first date would be in a public place for coffee or wine to get to know each other and if it's a hit then we will set another date for lunch or dinner were it's not to noisy and some nice music playing.

  • author ( 71, woman | Los Angeles, CA, USA )

    A dance class is super fun for a first date. I honestly hate the Starbucks idea because to me that means a person is not even invested enough to be a friend. It is almost insulting and nearly a deal breaker for me.

  • author ( 76, woman | Birmingham, AL, USA )

    How about let's get ready. to go to Wimbledon to see Serena after that we would have to start getting ready for some football

  • author ( 71, man | Powder Springs, GA, USA )

    Dinner at a leisurely pace ands lots of conversation about each other. By dessert we should know what there is and if we go any further in a relationship.

  • author ( 74, man | Western Cape, South Africa )

    The old cliche; a walk on the beach? Well being so close to the coast here that is a total reality. Hand in hand in the setting sun sounds great! More than that; an orgasm!

  • author ( 75, woman | Daytona Beach, FL, USA )

    First meeting I prefer lunch and talk for hours. First actual date I prefer to leave up to you to surprise me. I will enjoy anything you come up with I am sure.

  • author ( 70, man | Des Moines, IA, USA )

    While chating on phone, deside what we would like to do for our firist date! Maybe a social/cultural meeting,visit,etc! The two of use visiting the Local Art Center/Museum! Whaddya Think?!

  • author ( 73, man | San Bernardino, CA, USA )

    After establishing if there is anything worth pursuing with a phone call, then a lite lunch or drink then spend a little time talking or visiting a place of interest. I am really into art, museums, music, YOU, if you are...  see more >>

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